The districts of Kathmandu are presented on the map of the capital of Nepal – a detailed acquaintance with them will allow tourists to successfully plan their vacation.

Names and descriptions of areas in Kathmandu
Thamel tourist area: represented by narrow streets, walking along which travelers can shop in small shops and craft workshops, exchange currency at the appropriate bureaus, have fun in local clubs.
Historical center (Durbar square; to enter the square, you need to buy a ticket valid during the day): attractions in the form of Bhagwati temples (it is recommended to look at the deity of the goddess Bhagwati installed here), Jagannath (on the supports of its roof, you can see erotic carvings) , Kumari Ghar (the temple is interesting because a girl lives here, who is the embodiment of the goddess Taleju – she can be seen once a year during the procession in which she takes part; and here you should also inspect the windows decorated with decorative carvings), Kakeshwar (lower part of the temple is a reflection of the Newari style, and the upper part is of the Indian Shikhara), Kasthamandal (3-storey temple; its main shrine is the footprints of the holy hermit Gorakhnath; in the corners of the temple there are sculptures of the god Ganesha in 4 of his manifestations, which are worth admiring ), Taleju (the height of the temple, installed on a 12-step base – 35 m), the Old Palace (the entrance to the palace is “guarded” by stone lions – on each of them sit the god Shiva and his wife Parvati; it has 10 courtyards, the most famous of which is the court of Nazal – where Nepalese monarchs were crowned), Pratap Malla’s Columns (the king is immortalized in the statue, surrounded by wives and sons). In addition, Durbar Square regularly invites guests to take part in festivals – celebrations dedicated to the centuries-old traditions of the Nepalese.
Tundikkhel area: this green area features Ratna Park and an open-air theater; celebrations, parades, festivals and sports competitions are held here. In Tundikkhela, guests will be offered to go to inspect the Dharahara Tower (its height is more than 60 m), at the foot of which it is worth admiring the golden fountains (do not forget to take photographs with friends or family in their background).

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